Internet Use

I can’t stand when companies tell their employees that they can’t use the internet for anything that isn’t work related.  It seems to me that if I have down time – true down time where there is nothing for me to do and I have checked with everyone else I’m working with to see if they have anything I can do and they don’t – that I should be able to use the internet to check my own email, to see the news, or catch up on other online reading. 

 It doesn’t interfere with my job.  I’m not doing anything at that moment and as long as I stop the second anything to do comes up what harm is there?  The only other option seems to be to actually twiddle my thumbs at my desk.  This just makes for a very frustrated employee. 


We all fall down.

Poor little girl, she’s just like her mom – always in a hurry. 

Now that she’s mobile her need for speed makes her clumsy (also like her mom).

Yesterday I thought she might like to try on her baby Uggs.  I had bought them for last winter but they are so soft I thought she might get a kick out of playing in them now. 

She loved them – I brought her outside and put her down so she could walk over to her Dad.  She looked at me, looked at her shoes and started to pick her feet up and down.  She looked up at me and you could see the joy in her face.  She loved these soft shoes that made it so the ground outside didn’t hurt her bare feet. 

Then she started running to try the fun Uggs out…  and down she went.  It wasn’t a bad fall, she’s had worse, but the bump on her head would convince you otherwise.

We also learned that she hates having ice on her head.  I’m going to try to get a gel pack to keep on hand- maybe she’ll like that better. 

I guess I should save the Uggs for inside and in strollers not for active wear.

Slacker Moms?

So I was watching the Today Show today and they did a segment about Alpha Moms vs. Slacker Moms.  My first thought with these things is, do we really need tv to perpetuate the whole “mommy wars” thing?  My second was “slacker moms?  Isn’t there a better name then that?” 

I understand that controversy sells but it seems like they should at least mention something in between the two extremes.  It makes it sound like if you don’t do everything then you just aren’t trying at all. 

The vast majority of parents are simply doing the best they can at any given point in time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if one of these theories recognized that? 

Taking advantage

*The job search keeps on going.  I had an interview at one place but it has no benefits.  This is a very bad thing.  I just found out that I have an interview somewhere else next week so hopefully that will turn into something good.  I’m going to go apply for something else once I write this – I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging more so you’re going to get a lot of annoying job search nonsense.

*R is amazing.  She is taking more and more steps all the time.  We got her some cute Pediped shoes today that seem to work a lot better then the Robeez for a new walker. 

*Tomorrow we are going to take advantage of not having a job and go to a play group in the morning.  I’m excited for R to play with some kids her own age and not just the older kids in daycare.  I’m also hoping to meet some mommies in the area. 

*Have I mentioned that I love the show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (even though it has a really long annoying name). It’s back on again (fortunately I programmed my parents DVR to record it or I would never have known. If they kill off Jordan McDeer I will be beyond annoyed!!!

*Co-sleeping.  We are still doing it.  R is teething a lot and I’ve stopped trying to put her in the co-sleeper.  We LOVE having her in bed with us.  My mother has told me numerous times that we are doing her a huge disservice by not forcing her into a crib and making her learn to soothe herself.  I’m her parent, isn’t it my job to try to soothe her? 

Anyway, that’s life in brief here in the soup pot.  Hope things are going well for everyone else. 

A day of firsts.

So on Father’s Day little R had two big firsts.  Her first real steps.  They were so very cute.  She burst out laughing and then took a few steps.  It was like she knew we were all going to be really happy that she decided to walk.  She still isn’t sure about the walking thing, crawling is much faster and my baby takes after her Mommy and wants to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

 Her second first was the first time that she pooped on the floor.  (I’m sure I’ll get some good search hits for the “pooping on the floor” thing.) 

She had just had a big poop and we were getting her ready to take a bath.  Her Daddy stood her up by the tub and was testing the water when he smelled something stinky.  He thought she was passing gas until I pointed out that there was poop on the floor. 

It was a big parenting moment when you realize that you think it’s very cute that your baby just pooped on the floor.

Limbo Land

More then anything I’ve wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.  I love being with my baby and long to be the one who is with her every minute of the day.  Now that unemployment is giving me that opportunity it feels very different then I thought it would.

 Don’t misunderstand me – I still want to be a stay-at-home mom.  I just want to be one by my own choice.  I want the circumstances (ie money situation) to be in such a way that this is a good and viable decision for my family. 

Instead I struggle to enjoy the time I have while trying to look for a job that I don’t really want to do. 

The in-between of it all drives me crazy.  I’m much happier when things are somewhat settled.  For now though I need to be happy for the time I have with my little girl and know that whatever comes in the future will come and I need to be ready to deal with it when it does.


I forgot to tell y’all (yes, I’m referring to the very few people still reading this as y’all) – My little girl thinks mama means food.  If she is hungry she says “mamamamama.”  If she’s eating something she likes she happily babbles “mamamama.”

She sure is cute though.